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About Us

0700inverters.com is committed to bringing excellence service and professionalism to the highly competitive and quack infested alternative energy solution industry.

We have developed excellent relationship with all major brands in the industry and hope to leverage on same to ensure prompt resolution of all issues that may arise.

We also seek to address one of the main issues in alternative energy solutions which is affordability by giving customers competitive prices and options for financing through our financial partners allowing every working class homes to have access to energy

It is our goal for every home to be able to sleep through the night comfortably with at least a fan working overnight reduce noise pollution in neighbourhoods ensuring security personnel can hear any intruders at night. We also want offices to enjoy uninterrupted power that can help them achieve at least 30 percent reduction in their cost of diesel/petrol during the eight hours of work in a day

Call us on our easy to remember service line 0700INVERTERS (0700-468-378-377) or use the ‘CALL’ button on our website today and let us come up with power solutions to meet your needs. Remember it is having a solution that works for you based on your peculiar needs


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