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Amaron Tribal Pure Sine Wave 1.5kVA / 24V Inverter by Amara Raja

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Amaron Tribal Pure Sine Wave 1.5kVA / 24V Inverter by Amara Raja

– Unique “DSP Technology” enhances life of electrical gadgets
– Zero humming of electrical/electronic products
– Pure Sine Wave Output
– Unique “Intelli Battery Safeguard” (IBSS) for optimum charging/protection of batteries
– Superior engineering for Long battery life
– 100% Copper Transformer design for long life
– Quick Charging Technology for fast recharging of battery
– High Charging current of 20A for faster recharging of battery
– Compact & rugged design
– Constant current & constant voltage for quick charge of battery
– Better protection to safeguard the UPS

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1.5 KVA Inverters are ideally suitable for better backup requirements and/or for use of more devices/appliances and requires two units of 12v batteries.

Tribal inverter is the defacto name for cost effective, long lasting and rugged power backup solutions in Nigeria.

Tribal Inverters are manufactured at one of the most technologically advanced manufacturing plant.

With focus on providing world class products to customers with budget suiting to their products, Tribal Inverters have evolved over a period of time and today are considered as one of the best products available in the market.

Tribal offers wide range of Inverters suitable for a normal home to large scale factories

If you need an Inverter – Think No Further!

Tribal 1500VA Inverters – Ideally suitable for shops, offices and homes with higher backup requirements.


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