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Sinergy 5KVA/48V Pure Sine Wave Inverter for Home and Office Use

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If your load is at the level that requires a 5kva inverter, but you probably don’t need as much backup autonomy as would require a 5kva/96V inverter (8 batteries), it could make sense to invest in only 4 batteries, using the 5kva/48V inverter instead. It’s the same 5kva load capacity, but designed to work with fewer batteries, thus substantially cutting down on the start-up cost.

The Sinergy 5kva/48V inverter would be ideal if only you require limited autonomy foor your inverter
Give yourself some more flexibility with an inverter capacity that can take more load and and cost less to start off, still leaving you an option to increase your battery bank, if it becomes absolutely necessary, in the course. The Sinergy 5KVA inverter will support up to a deep freezer.

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