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Sinergy 875VA/12V Pure Sine Wave Inverter

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The Sinergy range of pure sine wave inverters is trusted for superior inverter performance, They’re based on very advanced Pre Sine Wave inverter technology and are built to international standards. Sinergy inverters also feature advanced Auto Sense Intelligent Control (ASIC) technology.

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That’s the guarantee of Sinergy’s top level performance that outclasses most of the known inverter brands. If you’re looking for that extra edge in inverter performance, Sinergy inverters have been designed to offer all of what is good in the known brands, plus new technology that delivers much more.

The 875VA/12V Sinergy inverter is suitable for use at home for domestic appliances, just as it can support an appropriate load of office equipment. It’s a 12V inverter, meaning that a single 12V battery is enough to support it. A 200Ah/12V battery or higher capacity would be ideal, to provide meaningful power backup capacity, but other battery capacities will still work.


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