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Su-Kam 10KVA/192V Online UPS, IntelliQ Series – 1 Phase In/1 Phase Out

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Su-Kam 10kva/192V Online UPS – IntelliQ Series, 1 Phase in/1 Phase Out

– Zero Switching time – Ideal for Sensitive, Mission critical Applications
– DSP based TRUE ONLINE, with Double Conversion VFI Technology
– Wide Input Voltage & Frequency Window for high tolerance
– Pure Sine Wave Output – clean, distortion-free power
– Lightning & surge protection mechanism
– Multiple protection: Short circuit, Over & Under Voltage…
– Alarm for Mains Failure, Low Battery, Over Load Short Circuit
– LCD Display

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With its DSP based TRUE ONLINE Double Conversion VFI Technology, the Su-Kam 10kva/192V Online UPS offers advanced performance for sensitive, mission crital installations, where zero switchover time and extended, non-stop power backup are imperative.

This heavy duty usage inverter guarantees quality pure sine wave power output, ideal for sophisticated and sensitive equipment. Its output is clean, stable and distortion-free, ensuring that even the most sensitive equipment is protected and will run safely.

The Su-Kam 10KVA online UPS, part of the Su-Kam IntelliQ Series Online UPS family, is a 192 VDC system, powered with 16 No. 12V batteries. Its output power is 8000 W, and in practical terms, it can support critical office equipment or a range of home appliances, up to one or two air conditioners.


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