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Sukam 600VA/12V Falcon Series Inverter for Home Appliances

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With the Sukam 600VA Falcon inverter, users who want to support, say, one to two domestic fans, few light points and a small, energy-efficient TV and possibly other low-power small devices, get to enjoy the power supply to run them. The Sukam 600VA 12V inverter is design to run on a minimum of one 12V battery and you will be bettert off on 200Ah battery or higher.

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Sukam is a leading inverter manufacturer with a huge manufactruing plant in India, producing very high capacity inverters for heavy-duty loads, but also firmly entrenched in the production of low capacity systems for home and office users. The Sukam Falcon range of low capacity inverters and home UPS targets to solve the power supply needs of home users and small office applications. Take this Sukam 600VA 12V Falcon inverter that’s designed for the needs of small homes which get the opportunity to have an affordable inverter that still delivers all their power needs.


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